Зенитные фонари для частных домов, LAMILUX

Solutions for renovation

Place / Country:Hamburg, Germany
Building type:Residential
Solutions:CI System Glass Architecture KWS 60
CI System Ventilation Flap M
Chain drive motors
Solar control insulating glass

39% energy saving
Uw=0,9 W/(m²K) vs. Uw=1,4 W/(m²K) as per German Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2009

Truly beautiful living ambience thanks to intake of daylight and the option of natural ventilation for the rooms. Also satisfies strict requirements for heat insulation, thus ensuring that the daylight systems are energy efficient.

  • Polygonal slanted glazing with vertical glazing section made of linear post supporting beams (steel section as per DIN 10219) and intermediate cross-bars.
  • Terrace door and turn-tilt window inserted into vertical section
  • Concealed cable duct for all chain motors
  • Solar control insulation glass in slanted roof and vertical section with a Ug value = 0.6 W/(m²K), 24% light transmission and 14% total energy transmission
  • Glazing in partition walls as panelling, Styrodur insulation core and aluminium sheeting